by Mich
Bianchi Bicycle Umbrella Dog
Bianchi Bicycle Umbrella Dogby Mich SKU: (0000-1340)

Bianchi Bicycle Umbrella Dog

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Artist: Mich

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Bianchi bicycles-a name still at the heart of professional bike racing-rolls out this loaded down fellow to demonstrate the superior stability of their model. Normally this much baggage might be cause for some consternation, but no for this peddler, whose confidence goes to the point of riding with his eyes closed tight. No wonder theyre called the best. Edoardo Bianchi began his business as a bicycle manufacturer in 1885 at the age of twenty-one in his small shop on Milans Niron Street. Right from the start, bianchi focused his attention on innovation-adding smaller wheels, lowering the pedals, utilizing pneumatic tires. Not to be stopped there, Bianchi bikes would introduce the chain-transmission, the front brake and a frame for a bike considered to be the progenitor of the mountain bike.

SKU: (0000-1340)

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