by Lucien Baylac
Acatene Metropole Bicycle Poster
Acatene Metropole Bicycle Posterby Lucien Baylac SKU: (0000-1337)

Acatene Metropole Bicycle Poster

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Artist: Lucien Baylac

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When women were still required to wear long skirts, even when biking, there was always the danger of getting tangled up in the chain drive. The Metropole here advertises its chainless model, driven by a spunky brunette. An earlier version of the poster advertised the Seddon tire which came as standard issue with the bicycle and which advertised the Marie bicycle outlet at the indicated address; here, Maries name has been obliterated by overprinting, the address is unchanged an it touts the American-made G & J brand used with this model. The image must have been quite successful, for not only was it used in the two aforementioned versions, but also as part of a poster-within-a-poster design for the company. Baylac created only a dozen or so posters in the mid-1890s and no one has ever uncovered any significant particulars for him. However, his small oeuvre was distinctive enough to create a following for the artists work, both at the time he was active an at present.

SKU: (0000-1337)

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