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British Swift Bicycles Poster
British Swift Bicycles PosterUnknown ArtistSKU: (0000-1326)

British Swift Bicycles Poster

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Artist: Unknown

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1900 Swift cyclist balancing on a telephone wire.At first glance, this appears to be your standard turn-of-the-century bicycle poster, showing the newly liberated Brit out for a ride in the country on her strong, fast and light Swift bike, veiled and apple-cheeked, the picture of wholesome allurement. But then you say to yourself, Hey! Hold on one second. Shes riding on a telephone wire. Awesome! Well, that summation might be a little too Gen-X for such an apparently staid design, but the sentiment is honest and the slight-of-eye achieved with the backgrounds wending road is indeed splendid. Swift was a British make of bicycle from the company started by James Starley, one of the earliest pioneers of bicycle design. Rare!

SKU: (0000-1326)

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