by H. Gray
1895 Rudge Whitworth Bicycles
1895 Rudge Whitworth Bicyclesby H. Gray SKU: (0000-1285)

1895 Rudge Whitworth Bicycles

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Artist: H. Gray

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1895-1897 Maiden demonstrates Rudge-Whitworths featherweight nature.Rudge-Whitworth bicycles certainly enjoyed having their advertisements center around women congregating about brick walls. However perhaps Gray was merely producing a teasing pal parody, with the bike going to the least flouncy of the gathering, and the appreciative behind-wall audience being outright feline as opposed to Pals ladies, who may have simply been a bit catty. Another interesting point of the design is the central maiden in the midst of demonstrating Rudge-Whitworths featherweight nature. Though we can find no specific reference to support the following claim, it certainly would appear as if the bike was being touted by Polaire, the dynamic and controversial actress, in her role of Claudine, a popular schoolgirl literary heroine around the turn of the century created by Colette Willy.

SKU: (0000-1285)

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