by O.K. Gerard
Monet & Goyon
Monet & Goyonby O.K. Gerard SKU: (0000-1284)

Monet & Goyon

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Artist: O.K. Gerard

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1930 Silhouetted Monet & Goyon cycle.The French-made Mone Goyon cycles were a very popular make during their time of production. Between 1917 and 1957, they were as popular with the amateurs as they were with the road-and-track pros. Gerard presents us with an interesting approach, providing us with little narrative and even less detail. The silhouetted motorbike and rider give the viewer an impression of the machine, but are they caught in the headlights of some oncoming juggernaut? Or are they the eminent source for all that is good in the motorcycle circles? Very puzzling, but certainly a visual conundrum worth noticing.

SKU: (0000-1284)

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