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Cunard Maretania Oceanline Poster
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Cunard Maretania Oceanline Poster

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It is rare that we are given the right scene in a ship portrait. Here, the red-stacked H.M.S. Mauretania is ablaze with lights in the Cherbourg harbor. Completed in 1907, the liner inaugurated Cunards first sailing out of the port of Southamptom and started calling on Cherbourg in 1911. The most popular ship ever to sail the North Atlantic, she continued crossing and cruising until September 26, 1934. On that day, the Queen Mary was launched, and The Grand Old Lady set out from New York on her final voyage. It should be noted that despite the popularity of the Queen Mary and her consort the Queen Elizabeth, both these ships were products of the Great Depression, constructed to carry thousands of passengers across the Atlantic . . . More likely than not it was their immense size . . that had captured the minds of many, whereas the vintage of ship to which the Mauretania belonged marked the zenith in class, sleekness d,cor and clientele. This is the smaller format; the larger version shows the images in a somewhat expanded manner.

SKU: (0000-1210)

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