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Andrea Doria Christoforo Colombo
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Andrea Doria Christoforo Colombo

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Artist: Unknown

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One of only a handful of posters that this Milanese industrial designer has created, this image for the Italian Line avoids steamship clich,s of glamour and grandeur. Using a minimalist approach for the sister ships and nautical flags, Ciuti makes the expanse of white paper become both sea and air. The crisp, casual design takes on ironic overtones in light of the tragedy that was to come. On the night of July 25, 1956, only three-and-a-half years after her maiden voyage, the lovely Andrea Doria was rammed and sunk by the Swedish-American Stockholm in calm waters and dense fog off the perilous shoals of Nantucket. Fifty-four lives were lost, including five from the Swedish Liner. The safe was recovered in a dive during the 1980s, but the ship has resisted all attempts of recovery. The elegant Cristoforo Colombo, completed in July 1954, continued its extensive, interesting itineraries until 1976. Rare!

SKU: (0000-1202)

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