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Rouxel & Dubois
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Rouxel & Dubois

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Known mostly for humorous drawings, Lunel, a native of Paris, worked for numerous magazines starting with Tout Paris. After La Vie Moderne (1879), la Vie Militaire (1883), Paris-Illustre (1884), and la Revue Illustree (1885) came ten years with Le Courrier Francais. His designs show up even in exotic publications such as Le Moustique in Africa and the Pick Me Up of London. This excellent poster featuring an interplanetary tandem ride is way ahead of its time, as Maindron saw right away: This poster is well done; pedaling with verve, on a bicycle which must be perfection itself, two riders carried way by an uncommon intensity have left the earth and find themselves in the middle of the starry sky. A version of the poster, with the design slightly altered and without the address lower right, also exists.

SKU: (0000-1195)

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