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Dop Hair Shampoo Poster
Dop Hair Shampoo PosterUnknown ArtistSKU: (0000-1170)

Dop Hair Shampoo Poster

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Through the period 1930-34 when the two greatest advertising artists of the day, Loupot and Cassandre, worked under the name of the Alliance Graphique, Loupot still maintained his personal clientele, one of which was the great industrialist Eugene Schueller. Their working relationship was passionate - both had strong opinions about poster quality, and confronted each other frequently over designs for Schueller products like Valentine and Monsavon, and this one for Dop shampoo. For Loupot it was also a period of stylistic change, all of whose features appear here: darker backgrounds; the use of airbrush (perhaps picked up from Cassandre) - which here makes the hair seem to radiate with golden cleanliness - and the reappearance in his posters of the human figure. In this period of transition, when Loupot seemed to be searching for a new voice, he nevertheless created two masterpieces: Dop, which appeared in November 1935 like a smile amid the gloom, and Coty.

SKU: (0000-1170)

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