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French Oceanliner Normandie Poster
French Oceanliner Normandie PosterUnknown ArtistSKU: (0000-1161)

French Oceanliner Normandie Poster

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An image of the Normandie very different from the classic work by Cassandre, but equally impressive. And, far, far, more rare: This is one of only four known copies! If the ship is awesome by day, by night, under a starry sky, with the lights of six decks of cabins reflected in the water, it verges on unreality. The New York skyline is seen behind - but the ship is a city skyline in itself. In comparison, the passing Staten Island Ferry, however imposing on its own, is insignificant. After the Cunard Lines Queen Mary beat the Normandies speed records in August 1938, the French line promoted her, as here, as the worlds most perfect ship, since she was no longer the fastest. The poster was printed for the British market. It is presumed that this Herkomer was related to - perhaps the son of - Hubert Herkomer, and artist singled out by Maindron in his first volume, as one of the best of the English posterists.

SKU: (0000-1161)

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