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Golf Cup-Fedhala Maroc
Golf Cup-Fedhala MarocUnknown ArtistSKU: (0000-1140)

Golf Cup-Fedhala Maroc

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Artist: Unknown

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Majorelle, a well-known Orientalist painter (and the son of the famed Art Nouveau furniture designer, Louis Majorelle), left for Morocco with Marshall Lyautey in 1917 and lived for many years in Marrakech. His few posters are all distinctive and filled with the local color of North Africa. Here the camels in the background either didn't hear the Fore! Or only understand it in Arabic . . . in any case they leave us in little doubt as to which side of the Mediterranean the golfer is driving at. The design is as perfect as can be: the strong, central figure of the golfer, forming almost a right angle to his club and the parallel sea below, makes it clear that golfing is taken seriously at this resort, with the other tourist attractions taking a backseat. Only known copy if this image.

SKU: (0000-1140)

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