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Huckleberry Finn Movie Poster
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Huckleberry Finn Movie Poster

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The predecessor of Paramount studios, Famous Players-Lasky Corp., created a hybrid of the Huck Finn classic that combined elements of Mark Twains The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer and The adventures of Huckleberry Finn for this 1920 release. In this version, Hucks neer-do-well father kidnaps him in the hopes of extorting money from the Widow Douglas, spiriting away on a raft. He escapes and is joined by a Jim, a runaway slave, who is later seized by two vagrants and sold to a plantation owner named Phelps. Enter Tom Sawyer, who is related to the Phelpses, who joins Huck in an attempt to free Jim. During the botched rescue, Tom is shot in the leg. When the Phelps family learn what has happened, they take care of Tom, release Jim and return Huck to the widow Douglas. The rescue attempt made for a thrilling climax and the artist rightfully chose this as the key element of his design. Lavinsky was head of the sculpture department at the Higher Arts Studio in Moscow. He went on to create the political Rosta posters, working closely with Mayakovsky. In 1928, Lavinsky collaborated with El Lissitzky in designing exhibition interiors of the Soviet pavilion at the Cologne International Press exhibition.

SKU: (0000-1122)

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