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New Haven Rail Road
New Haven Rail RoadUnknown ArtistSKU: (0000-1097)

New Haven Rail Road

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Artist: Unknown

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In its heyday, the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroads main line sizzled with famous trains shuttling tycoons and business leaders between Bostons South Station and New York Citys Grand Central Terminal. The lines extra-fare flagship train, The Yankee Clipper, served afternoon tea to Boston Brahmins as it raced along the curving Shore Line route. In the 1930s the New Haven ordered a fleet of steam locomotives of the Hudson type (four lead wheels, six drivers, and four trailing wheels). These massive engines took advantage of the latest in steam technology, providing increased tractive effort and horsepower for more rapid acceleration and faster speed. To further help matters, The New Haven joined a trend in the industry and specified a streamlined shroud of sheet metal over the locomotives to reduce wind resistance. Note the smooth contours over the pilot (cow catcher) and down the sides of the boiler. Streamlining would soon lead to lighter, smooth-sided passenger coaches, along with modern diesel locomotives, and the iron horse would be led out to pasture. The artist, Maurer, specialized in sleek, railway graphics during the 1930s. Rare!

SKU: (0000-1097)

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