by A.M. Cassandre
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Artist: A.M. Cassandre

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The famous delivery man Nectar delivers wine in the shadow of a hypnotic swirl of sunburst colors.Nicolas was - and is - one of the major wine dealers/distributors in France, and in 1922, the head of the family firm, Etienne Nicolas, asked Dransy - who is given ""d'Apres Dransy"" credit in the lower right of this piece - to design a poster to show that the company delivers directly to your home. The delivery man, given the name Nectar, became one of the most popular, instantly recognizable images on the walls of France, and was used in dozens of variations The image was the inspiration for later posters by Iribe, Loupot and Cassandre, among others. And here we see one such inspiration: a hypnotic swirl of sunburst colors inexplicably shading the delivery man while simultaneously casting his violet shadow. Truly spectacular.

SKU: (0000-1086)

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