by Andre Robert
Voiturettes Automobiles Leon Bollee
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Voiturettes Automobiles Leon Bollee

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Artist: Andre Robert

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A carefree and interesting look at an early automobile fashion: the 3-wheeled, front-passenger motorcar.Bollee was one of the mechanics and machine shop owners who, in the days before mass production was introduced into the auto industry, offered to build custom bodies for the early enthusiasts. In this three-wheeler, the fastidiously-dressed passenger is perched semi-comfortably in front of her chauffeur, and though the dangling blanket and lack of a safety belt might make the modern motorist a bit uneasy, it's an excellent portrayal of the devil-may-care naivety of the early automotive age. As foreign as they appear to the contemporary eye, these tricycles gained nearly instant popularity upon their introduction and their presence on the European roadways were fairly commonplace, disappearing completely only after World War I.

SKU: (0000-1056)

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