by Ernst Rudolf Vogenauer
Ausstellungs Theater Cafe
Ausstellungs Theater Cafeby Ernst Rudolf Vogenauer SKU: (0000-1039)

Ausstellungs Theater Cafe

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Artist: Ernst Rudolf Vogenauer

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Colorful Art Deco piece showing the vitality of a local theatre.A playful Art Deco design for the Theater-caf, at Munichs Ausstellungspark courtesy of Herr Vogenauer. Although the fearsome statue of rearing stallions dominates the background, the overall feeling one comes away with from this work is one of elegance and quality family entertainment. The contrast between the detailed rendering of the statuary and the flat silhouettes of the orchestra, audience and surrounding foliage creates an interesting visual tension, giving the image an intense vitality. And if the graphic persuasion doesn't hook you, the mention of daily concerts and an on-premises bakery out to do the trick. Born in Munich, Vogenauer would study graphic arts under the tutelage of Fritz Helmut Ehmcke before relocating to Berlin, continuing his education with the Royal and State Printing Companies. In 1946, he became a professor of graphic design, and later book illustration, at the School of Visual Arts in Berlin-Weissensee, while at the same time continuing to produce designs for various Berlin publications.

SKU: (0000-1039)

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