by Marius Tognarelli
La Micheline
La Michelineby Marius Tognarelli SKU: (0000-1035)

La Micheline

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Artist: Marius Tognarelli

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A fiery nymph presents La Micheline spirits to the city of Carcassonne below.Carcassonne, the fortified town that by the wave of some magic wand has been seemingly preserved untouched since the Middle Ages, links Toulouse to the Mediterranean, its ramparts and towers jutting skyward, its structure a catalogue of ingenious architectural design for repelling medieval siege warfare. And yet all this pales, quite literally, in comparison to the fiery nymph soaring in the heavens above the city: Her blazing mane flowing, her abundant charms barely concealed in a swirl of golden sheer, her stunning visage turned upward towards a brandished bottle of Micheline, the exquisite, venerable liqueur of Carcassone. Cheret's influence cannot be overlooked, but neither can the splendor and passion of Tognarelli's craftsmanship.

SKU: (0000-1035)

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