by Francisco Tamagno
Extrait de Viande Liebig
Extrait de Viande Liebigby Francisco Tamagno SKU: (0000-1032)

Extrait de Viande Liebig

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Artist: Francisco Tamagno

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This simple image shows the joys of cooking with Liebig's beef extract in the late 19th century.When inventor Justus Liebig introduced this beef extract in 1852, it bore the claim between 30 and 50 kilograms of beef chunks go into every kilogram of Liebig. Relieved of the time consuming task of making their own glace de viande, essential for enriching sauces and stews, grateful French cooks snapped the stuff up and continue to do so today. In tomagnos steamy kitchen scene, a boyish chef finds the product indispensable, too: an earlier version of the image exists--same design with a much brawnier chef (see PAI-XXIII, 495). Rare.

SKU: (0000-1032)

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