by Roger Soubie
Planete Interdite Robby Robot Poster
Planete Interdite Robby Robot Posterby Roger Soubie SKU: (0000-1031)

Planete Interdite Robby Robot Poster

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Artist: Roger Soubie

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Robbie the Robot - actually a hero of this French release of the sci-fi classic 'Forbidden Planet' - carries away the damsel in distress on a distant planet.A world away, in fact several worlds away from the tranquility of the previous image, yet springing from the same fertile imagination. This stellar poster for the French release of the 1956 science-fiction classic, Forbidden Planet, is somewhat misleading in that it features Robby the Robot spiriting-off Anne Francis like a mechanical bandit in the night against the alien backdrop of Altair Four, giving the impression that he is the movie's villain. The truth of the matter is that the film is an intriguing, space-age retelling of Shakespeares The Tempest. With Walter Pidgeon's Prospero-based character providing the movies nemesis, an invisible energy monster unwittingly created from his own id. The space-opera also has a place in infamy due to the first starring appearance by Leslie Nielsen, best known for his broadly comic roles in Airplane! And The Naked Gun series, as Francis's romantic interest.

SKU: (0000-1031)

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