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Truth for May
Truth for MayUnknown ArtistSKU: (0000-1023)

Truth for May

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Artist: Unknown

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Sensual Salome in the blossoms sells the American magazine Truth for May 1901.The trail of Pal's meteoric career extends from Rumania (where he was born a genuine prince) to London (where he went by the name Julius Mendes Price) in the 1880s and thence to Paris in the last decade of the century (where he adopted his shortened signature). His last change took place in 1900 when he moved to the U.S.- for good, as it turned out. His American work, usually in a far more conservative vein than his sensuous Parisian bicycle goddesses, was done mostly for magazines and the auto and film industries. One of his first commissions was a series of posters for Truth, the gossipy magazine focusing on New York society that started in 1881 as a weekly, becoming a monthly in 1899 with more emphasis on fashion and art. For this 1901 may issue, a Salome-style figure amidst a froth of seasonal cherry blossoms invites us to read all about it. All of Pals posters from his London and New York periods are quite hard to find; all the Truth designs are particularly scarce.

SKU: (0000-1023)

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