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Bakelight Tube Radio Poster
Bakelight Tube Radio PosterUnknown ArtistSKU: (0000-0991)

Bakelight Tube Radio Poster

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1930 original pencil and crayon maquette sketching for the Crosley Radio.This maquette of an unpublished, possibly unfinished, poster design has the playful air typically present in Mauzan works. A gentleman of mountainous proportions is literally crawling with Lillipution performers of every sort. Far from being bothered by this, he smiles and reclines, bathed in the sounds emitting from his radio, which the tiny entertainers, of course, represent. A charming design made all the more interesting by an accidental discovery: during the photography of this particular item, we noticed when we held the maquette up to a lighting source, that the word Crosley became visible in the black area of the upper left corner, having obviously been painted over. Mauzans reasons for doing this are unknown, but it would seem that his original idea was one that he intended to submit to his longtime client, but for some reason, he decided against it.

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