by Jules Cheret
Folies-Bergere La Danse du Feu Poster
Folies-Bergere La Danse du Feu Posterby Jules Cheret SKU: (0000-0968)

Folies-Bergere La Danse du Feu Poster

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Artist: Jules Cheret

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1897 Beautiful Art Nouveau Dance of FireOne of the most spectacular images ever created for Loie Fuller, this poster also shines as one of the rarest and very finest posters ever produced by Cheret - both in terms of design and lithographic skill. Dancing against colored lights trailing yards of shimmering material was a Loie Fuller speciality, and it gave Cheret license to indulge his penchant for depicting joyous motion to the fullest. Talk about tripping the light fantastic! Lestampe et lAffiche called it a masterpiece of light and motion (1897, p. 243). In the newly-published and quite revealing biography of the dancer, we read that: the French had always taken Loie more seriously than the Americans had, and they did so again after she reappeared at the Folies-Bergere on October 21, 1897..She had maintained her fame by constantly adding something new to her work.but with her latest creations, especially the fire dance and the lily dance, she was again enthralling the Paris public (Loie Fuller, page 111). And so Cherets poster did not need to name her - the performance title, Dance of Fire, said it all.

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