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Vinolia Titanic Bath Soap Poster
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Vinolia Titanic Bath Soap Poster

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Ad poster for the Titanic and Vinolia Otto Toilet Soap.The Titanic has always occupied a vaunted place in our modern mythology, both with its grandeur and tragic demise. Its journey has inspired adventurers and historians, romantics and fortune hunters. Our preoccupation with the Ship of Dreams has spawned blockbuster films, a Broadway musical, novels and pseudo-investigative journalistic reports. A traveling exhibition of relics recovered from the ships resting place sold-out world-wide. Yet for all this, there is very little promotional ephemera from what was to become the worlds worst maritime disaster. To our knowledge, there are no known posters promoting the doomed maiden voyage. That is precisely why this metal sign advertising the soap provided to first-class passengers about Titanic is such an exciting discovery. Featured in cameos surrounding the majestic ship as it heads out to sea, small birds and sailing ships emphasizing its grandeur (a technique Cassandre would use some 25 years later in his famous Normandie--see- No. 225), Vinolia Otto Toilet Soap is put on display. Not only are we given a look at the luxurious sea-green soap, individually as well as boxed, but also of artist renderings of both a First-Class State Room and The Turkish Bath, a clever rope framing device tying the images together. An extremely rare and collectible piece.

SKU: (0000-0952)

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