by Achille Mauzan
Biere du Cardinal/Fribourg
Biere du Cardinal/Fribourgby Achille Mauzan SKU: (0000-0869)

Biere du Cardinal/Fribourg

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Artist: Achille Mauzan

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Tap The Keg, What an outstanding image for your buisness or Den. Cheers!When the good people in the advertising department of the Coors Brewing Company in Golden, Colorado, sat down and put there heads together and collectively came up with their ""Tap The Rockies"" ad campaign for Coors Light, do you think that they had the first clue that Mauzan had beat them to the punch-by some sixty years no less? And Mauzan didn't bother with a single mountain range either: his golden, globe-straddling gesture is tapping the world, with the point of entry originating in Fribourg, Switzerland, home of the Cardinal brewery. The concept was so successful that it was used at least one other time in a promotion for Birra Bouzani of Bologna. A rare design which, to our knowledge, represents the sole occasion in which Mauzan's talents were utilized by a Swiss client.

SKU: (0000-0869)

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