by Josef Fenneker
Marmorhaus/Der Teufel und die Circe
Enlarge Marmorhaus/Der Teufel und die Circeby Josef Fenneker SKU: (0000-0816)

Marmorhaus/Der Teufel und die Circe

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Artist: Josef Fenneker

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1921 A chivalrous Lucifer drapes a brazen temptress.Josef Fenneker, an important German Expressionist artist in 1920s Berlin, became the eye of the cultural and political hurricane that was Weimar Germany. There is a foreboding of gathering storms in almost all his work. Fenneker designed numerous film posters, between 1919 and 1924, for two major Berlin movie palaces, most notably the Marmorhaus, the paramount movie palace of Germany. A combination of Radio City Music Hall and Graumans Chinese Theater, any film premiering there gained instant prestige. Thus, Fennekers position was not that of just another movie poster designer, but THE movie posterist of his day, in whose hands the art of the film poster arguably reached its zenith. As these Marmorhaus posters were produced specifically for a single venue, the print runs were very limited and all of these designs are therefore today quite rare. As The Devil and Circe was an independent film produced outside the embrace of the mighty UFA, the plot of this gem is nonexistent. However, the image of the chivalrous Lucifer draping this brazen temptress proves to be as luring as the mythological Greek siren was to Ulysses sailors.

SKU: (0000-0816)

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