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by Hans Rudi Erdt
Heinrich Ruhfus/Dortmund
Heinrich Ruhfus/Dortmundby Hans Rudi Erdt SKU: (0000-0814)

Heinrich Ruhfus/Dortmund

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Artist: Hans Rudi Erdt

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1908 A baleful captain of industry scrutinizes the quality of modern furnishings from the Heinrich Ruhfus establishment of Dortmund.Sure, the Heinrich Ruhfus establishment of Dortmund claims to have modern furnishings for offices and engineering firms, with products ranging from office equipment to writing and drafting tables. But what convinces any interested party as to the sheer quality at work in all of their wares is the withering scrutiny of the posters baleful captain of industry. If their office furniture can live up to the expectations of this corporate giant then there are very few people who wouldnt be pleased with their selection. Although he only lived to age 35, Erdt amassed an impressive record as a graphic artist and lithographer in the single decade from 1908 to 1918. He depicted upper-class people in their sports and luxuries, and had a keen eye for reducing a scene to a few essential forms and flat colors.

SKU: (0000-0814)

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