by Alfred Choubrac
Alcazar d'Ete/P'tites Binettes
Alcazar d'Ete/P'tites Binettesby Alfred Choubrac SKU: (0000-0805)

Alcazar d'Ete/P'tites Binettes

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Artist: Alfred Choubrac

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1891 Design for an Alcazar d'Ete revue which translates roughly to Lil Face.Choubrac was one of the pioneers of French poster art; in 1884, when Maindron published his first article on posters, he listed only nine active posterists known to him, and included the three poster artists whose work made up the first poster exhibition, held that same year in the Passage Vivienne in Paris: Alfred and Leon Choubrac and Jules Cheret. Clear, deliberate outlining of his subjects was one of Choubracs trademarks; the other was good humor and whimsy. Both traits manifest themselves charmingly in this design for an Alcazar dEte revue which translates roughly as Lil Face. The exact content of the revue in accordance to its name is a bit enigmatic, but getting the finer plot points wasn't necessarily what Choubrac was after in his music hall designs. Best to throw together a montage that features a bevy of chorines, a comely heroine and a few hallucinogenic elements-such as the shocking projections of this work-to reel in the public and let them put the pieces together for themselves.

SKU: (0000-0805)

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