by Marc Chagall
Chagall Nice Soleil Fleurs
Chagall Nice Soleil Fleursby Marc Chagall SKU: (0000-0797)

Chagall Nice Soleil Fleurs

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Artist: Marc Chagall

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The seaside and the exotic flora of Nice are portrayed as a mermaid with a bouquet.A mermaid with a bouquet characterizes the two aspects of Nice of interest to the ministry of tourism which commissioned the poster - the seaside and its exotic flora. A native of Vitebsk, Russia, Chagall arrived in Paris in 1910 and soon made a name for himself in art circles with his somewhat surreal, poetic vision which seemed best suited for illustrating dreams. Almost all his posters are taken from paintings and prints (the print in this case was titled The Bay of Angels) which were not originally created as posters, but many of them, because of their bold images and bright colors, turn out to make fine posters nonetheless.

SKU: (0000-0797)

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