by Ramon Casas
Pel & Ploma/Setmanari
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Pel & Ploma/Setmanari

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Artist: Ramon Casas

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1899 Casas lithographic promotion for Catalan graphics weekly, Pel & Ploma, for which he worked as art director.As art director for the Catalan graphics weekly, Pel & Ploma, Casas took the task upon himself to create several promotional works to further the lithographic cause. He succeeds in spectacular fashion with this poster featuring the charms of a languid artiste, decoratively laid out whilst perusing this weeks edition. Casas was one of Spains premiere posterists around the turn of the century, an extraordinarily sensitive artist who always portrayed his women with delicacy, and with Alexandre de Riquer, close friend Miquel Utrillo and Pere Romeu, virtually set up the standards for Spanish poster art for a whole generation of designers. Like Utrillo and Romeu, Casas honed his art during an apprenticeship in Paris and applied it well on his return to native Barcelona.

SKU: (0000-0795)

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