by Emile Berchmans
Grand Matches Of Boxing
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Grand Matches Of Boxing

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Artist: Emile Berchmans

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1918 A spectacular boxing matchThis mural, executed in muted sepia tones while setting its competitors against the deepest of midnight blue skies as a background, revels in all things athletic, from boxing to bicycling and fencing to flying. And even though this particular poster announces a spectacular night of boxing, the true genius of the design is the fact that it could be used to publicize any number of sporting competitions. And sure enough, our research discovered that the previous year it had been utilized to promote a wrestling tournament with equal success. Berchmans was one of the first artists from the Walloon region of Belgium to devote himself to posters. He exhibited some of his decorative designs at La Libre Esthetique in 1895, and the following year he started to produce posters, marked by their use of simple lines and flat color panels.

SKU: (0000-0794)

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