by Jules Alexandre Grun
Moulin Rouge Theater Poster
Moulin Rouge Theater Posterby Jules Alexandre Grun SKU: (0000-0787)

Moulin Rouge Theater Poster

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Artist: Jules Alexandre Grun

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1910 Advertisement for the cest tres excitant at the Moulin Rouge.Very exciting indeed. Its certainly not difficult to find the words to wax at length about the understated proficiency and simple charm of Gruns captivating work, but perhaps it would be best to let the artist speak for himself. In an interview featured in the March, 1899, edition of The Poster, Grun summed up his graphic goals as follows: Since [1891], I believe that I have done about fifteen (posters), in which I have tried to find new and simple effects. Two or three colors are quite sufficient to produce something interesting. Black and white, with a touch of red or green.As for my subjects, I search for them always in the same places: in the theatres or caf,-concerts, for which I have done all my affiches (p. 100). Surely some of the best posters of the Belle Epoque are by Grun; playful and lusty fun, with minimum color and maximum wit. Rare!

SKU: (0000-0787)

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