by A.C. Arp
Royal Typewriter Co Poster
Royal Typewriter Co Posterby A.C. Arp SKU: (0000-0754)

Royal Typewriter Co Poster

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Artist: A.C. Arp

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1923 The Royal Typewriter depicted as a machine as monumental as the discovery of King Tuts Tomb in a time of emerging realities of commerce.Why use a backdrop of arid exotica to pull the publics focus to the Royal typewriter? Surely all of that sand couldn't be good for the key-stoking mechanism. But seeing as the 1920s were abuzz with the discovery of king Tuts tomb, perhaps the sultry setting isnt such a far-flung marketing ploy. However, the durability comparison between monument and office machine speaks strongly for the royal machine, with the caravan eluding to the ever-advancing realities of commerce, a scenario of which Royal was an integral part. And as enigmatic as the Sphinx may be, the Royals shifting lever for three settings--upper case, lower case and steno--as ell as the right side viewing windows--meant for voyeuristic viewing and nothing more--may today be as much a idle to the computer-dependent masses as any question the stone beast might have in reserve.

SKU: (0000-0754)

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