by Ottomar Anton
Hamburg South American Ocean Lines
Hamburg South American Ocean Linesby Ottomar Anton SKU: (0000-0739)

Hamburg South American Ocean Lines

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Artist: Ottomar Anton

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1935 Advertisement for a German passenger ship liner from South America to Brazils Amazon River basin.A rare and spectacular Anton design for the Hamburg South America Lines fall service to the Antilles Islands and Brazils Amazon River basin. Whisking us away from rapidly-chilling northern climes, were set at a slight distance from the dockside bustle, allowing the grind-weary spectator to take in both the indigenous atmosphere and appreciate the majesty of the M.S. Monte Rosa, the vantage point providing us with a superb m,lange of elegance and sultriness. The Monte Rosa herself was destined to a rather unremarkable history as a passenger ship--first for the Hamburg South American line beginning in 1931 and later for the British, as the renamed Empire Windrush, as a part of the war reparations package of World War II--with one notable exception: For six months towards the end of WW II, the Monte Rosa served as the repairs workshop for the German battleship Tirpiz, sister ship to the infamous Bismarck. Anton was a native of Hamburg who started working for a local agency there., but from 1921 on, had his own studio where he produced a large body of work for Hapag, the big transatlantic conglomerate. Later, he became an art instructor at the Bremen High School of Art.

SKU: (0000-0739)

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