by C.H. Beauvais
La Micheline Liquer Poster
La Micheline Liquer Posterby C.H. Beauvais SKU: (0000-0737)

La Micheline Liquer Poster

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Artist: C.H. Beauvais

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1907 Celebrating Mid Lent Festivities with Micheline Liqueur.Originally created to advertise a Battle of the Flowers sponsored by the Students Committee of Marseilles as part of the Mid-Lent festivities, Beauvais graphics are once more called into service for Micheline liqueur. Though graphically identical in every way, with the addition of the superimposed bottle in the upper left corner, the spirit of the festival makes an excellent promotion for the Carcassone-produced indiulgence, even though no one is visibly partaking; perhaps the message is that all this fun is contained within a bottle of the Queen of Liqueurs. Bottom line: Why waste good art. As a result, we get a big, glorious fragrant tableau, complete with Edwardian beauties and gents, dignitaries and clowns. Chinese lanterns and French tricolors.

SKU: (0000-0737)

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