by Paolo Federico Garretto
PLM Railway Wagons Lits Sleeper Poster
PLM Railway Wagons Lits Sleeper Posterby Paolo Federico Garretto SKU: (0000-0730)

PLM Railway Wagons Lits Sleeper Poster

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Artist: Paolo Federico Garretto

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1936 Passengers need not get off the train to catch the ferry! See Garrettos design for the inaugural of an innovative new travel service.Garretto, an Italian designer already well-known in Paris for his political cartoons upon his arrival, allows the train to run right through the ferry boat and the young lady sleeps contentedly through it all. This poster, in fact, marks the inaugural of this service. until October 11, 1936, passengers had to get off the train, take a channel ship and get into another train waiting for them on the other side. Now, the train was pushed onto a specially constructed ferry so that the travelers did not have to leave their carriage any longer. Now it was possible to go to bed around 20:50 in Paris (Gare du Nord) in the sleeping compartment and to arrive in the morning at 9:10 in London (Victoria Station) (Wagons-Lits, p. 292). There are two known versions of the poster: one French, this one English. Garrettos 20-some posters show him to be a superb practitioner of Art Deco principles, which he also applied to magazine covers for publications including Fortune, Vogue, and especially, Vanity Fair. Ultimately, he devoted himself to theatrical design.

SKU: (0000-0730)

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