by A.M. Cassandre
Normandie/New York
Normandie/New Yorkby A.M. Cassandre SKU: (0000-0702)

Normandie/New York

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Artist: A.M. Cassandre

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An advertisement for the Normandie and her ""First Arrival in New York City on June 3 [1935]"" touted that ""The arrival in New York Harbor of the gigantic super-liner Normandie will inaugurate a new era of transatlantic travel. She will set new standards of luxury and speed, steadiness comfort and safety . . . not merely the largest liner afloat (79,280 tons) . . . but in almost every respect a new kind of liner!"" And in almost every respect, this Cassandre masterpiece was a new way of selling the glamor and excitement of ocean liner travel. A veritable leviathan at 83,400 tons with a 30-knot speed, the Normandie was the biggest and fastest ship afloat when it was launched in 1935. In Cassandres deceptively simple but impressive design, the ship towers above us. The flight of small birds at bottom gives the image as much scale and strength as the imposing hull itself. The classic Cassandre design appeared with several variants of text at the bottom. This, probably the rarest of them all, emphasizes service to New York. Cassandre had so indelibly etched this image in the mind of the 30s viewer that it was not necessary to mention the ships name----a triumph of advertising art.

SKU: (0000-0702)

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