by Johann G. Van Caspel
Dutch Ivens Camera Poster
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Dutch Ivens Camera Poster

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Artist: Johann G. Van Caspel

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A woman photographer focusing her camera.Van Caspel did his designing in oils and always used a model. Yet his posters cannot be called simply reproductions of paintings, nor are they in any way naturalistic, for he simplified and stylized his figures into large basic shapes set out in flat colours with strong contours . Clearly this is the case in this design for an Amsterdam camera shop with a classically-rendered photographer setting the focus of her field camera. However, there is something more going on here than just flat colors and simplified shapes. It is an image that is at once blatantly direct and subtly ornate, a hybrid which yields a redux Art Nouveau whose Byzantine characteristics, though wile not approached with timidity, do not overpower the product which they are advertising. A superb example of complimentary adversity. Rare.

SKU: (0000-0700)

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