by Juan Dapena Parilla
Sevilla Spain Flameco Dancers
Sevilla Spain Flameco Dancersby Juan Dapena Parilla SKU: (0000-0670)

Sevilla Spain Flameco Dancers

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Artist: Juan Dapena Parilla

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A couple dancing flamenco celebrating the Festival de Sevilla, 1928.Nowhere does the word fiesta apply as completely as it does to Sevilles spring festival. As the center of Andalusia, Seville of all Spanish cities retains most of the charm of old Spain. Every year during the third week of April, the city justifies its reputation with a grand fiesta which lasts six days and has been celebrated since 1847. In the big park, Prado de San Sebastian, a whole city of small huts (casetas) pops up, non-stop dancing and revelry and the drinking of manzanilla which gleams like the gold of the setting sun. To tempt us all the more with the revelry of the festival, Dapena delivers a couple sharing sensual flamenco on the Giraldas Patio de los Naranjos, the spire of the former minaret rising into the emerald springtime sky behind them.

SKU: (0000-0670)

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