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Sells Bros Elephant Circus Race
Sells Bros Elephant Circus RaceUnknown ArtistSKU: (0000-0620)

Sells Bros Elephant Circus Race

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Elephant races at the Sell Brothers Circus.The Sells Brothers--Ephraim, Lewis, Peter and, for a brief while, Allen--of Columbus, Ohio, founded their circus in 1872. Though veiled in various titles during their early years, it became, by 1878, a big railway circus clearly established under the banner of Sells Brothers Circus. Throughout the 1880s, they were generally rated as the number three show, and carried as complete menagerie of wild animals as the biggest circuses. Simulated animal races were among the most reliable exciting spectacles in the heyday of the circus. Though horses were the most prevalent participants in these rigged tests of speed, more exotic creatures were sometimes employed to provide something just a little out of the ordinary. Such is the case with these representatives of the Sells monstrous herd of pachyderms, thundering tusk to tusk down the straightaway, providing graphic evidence of their surprising speed.

SKU: (0000-0620)

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