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by Ernest Montaut
Le Pneu Michelin Tire Poster
Le Pneu Michelin Tire Posterby Ernest Montaut SKU: (0000-0600)

Le Pneu Michelin Tire Poster

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Artist: Ernest Montaut

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1905 Michelin Tire AdvertisementPainter, illustrator and graphic artist, Montaut was one of the first to specialize in the Belle Epoques booming automobile industry. He understood cars and invented many techniques for reading speed visually. His drivers peer intently down the road, and they hold the wheel at the 20 minutes to four position, palms up and elbows down as the big cars and high-ratio steering of the day required. This Michelin tire poster exploits the products association with racing cars, always the most grueling test for tire durability. In a dynamic scene, the Panhard cabriolet barrels down the road--on Michelin tires, of course--after outpacing a speedy train. As the text describes, Health beat the fastest train in the world over a 600 km stretch by 30 minutes. This is the larger format.

SKU: (0000-0600)

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