by Gerold Hunziker
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Artist: Gerold Hunziker

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1932 Beautiful Bugatti poster.Ettore Bugatti built some of the most fabulous automobiles in history. Though they were quite expensive., what set Bugatti apart from other designers was his unique ability as an artist--his automobiles were like sculptures, his engines like jewels. As an engineer, he was imperious, and yet, an incredible aesthete. This Gerold design--most probably the 8-cylinder Royale model--more than lives up to the artistry set forth by its automotive inspiration. Executed in nighttime shades and bearing down head-on towards the viewer, the feeling of power conveyed by the poster is intense, yet it does so without any manner of graphically indicated speed. The artist simply lets the car speak for itself and wisely moves out of its path. Rare.

SKU: (0000-0591)

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