by Georges Gaudy
Pipe Automobile Company Poster
Pipe Automobile Company Posterby Georges Gaudy SKU: (0000-0590)

Pipe Automobile Company Poster

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Artist: Georges Gaudy

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1898 Advertisement for the Pipe Belgian Auto CompanyGaudy was a Belgian painter, magazine illustrator and posterist whose masterful handling of bicycle and automotive subjects reflected his own interests. His image here for Pipe, a major Belgian auto company of the era, founded in 1898, is nothing short of spectacular. A handsome woman and her dress--the color of the sunset--take center stage. Her presence communicates the quality, elegance and refinement Gaudy wishes the viewer to associate with the auto. This allows the merchandise to pass in the background in a non-commercial role; the two are linked by the drivers friendly wave. The elaborate dress is actually unstructured-- a series of unconnected areas of color-- and the text sits down at the bottom so as to not distract. The whole effect is beautiful and altogether compelling.

SKU: (0000-0590)

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