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Buffalo Bill Cody's Rough Riders
Buffalo Bill Cody's Rough RidersUnknown ArtistSKU: (0000-0542)

Buffalo Bill Cody's Rough Riders

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Artist: Unknown

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Buffalo Bill and two soldiers waving American and French flags.Ever the ambassador, Bill Cody utilized this poster opportunity to show the amicable relationship shared by the United States and France. A shrewd maneuver, especially considering that this work comes from a season spent entirely in France. Poised strategically twixt the unfurled flags of the respective countries, Buffalo Bill doffs his hat in homage to the friendship of the republics. The sky-written Entente Cordiale visible at the top of the poser appears to have been a last minute addition to the piece, having either been hand-colored or printed as an afterthought with a special ink which has faded over time much faster than lithographic ink. Why this was performed is left to conjecture as the addition seems a bit superfluous; the magnificent design more than amply conveying the friendly sentiments without any necessary augmentation. Extremely rare!

SKU: (0000-0542)

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