Buffalo Bill

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Buffalo Bill Codys Wild West Show
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Buffalo Bill Codys Wild West Show

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Buffalo Bill and other horsemen waving their flags of origin.A quote from the introduction of The Rough Riders Annual of 1902 by Frederick Remington, an artist and sometimes correspondent for Harpers Weekly, described the pageantry of William Codys Western spectacles as follows: The Wild West is an evolution is a great idea. It is a great educator, and with its aggregate of wonders from out-of-the-way places, it will represent a poetical and harmless protest against the derby hat and the starched linen - those horrible badges of the slavery of our modern social system, when men are physical lay figures and mental and moral cog-wheels and wastes of uniformity - where the great crime is to be an individual, and the unpardonable sin is to be out of the fashion. If this assemblage of The Most Audacious Horsemen on the World didn't inject an shot of adrenalin into the buttoned-down existence, its unlikely anything could, Fronted by Cody himself, this melting pot of the worlds fines equestrians, all proudly flying the standard of their respective origins, from one of the most impressive - and certainly most exhilarating - League of nations the world has ever seen. As with almost all posters for the foreign tours, the images were created at American printing plants; this one in 1902 at Courier Litho in Buffalo.

SKU: (0000-0540)

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