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Buffalo Bill's Wild West Rider Congress
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Buffalo Bill's Wild West Rider Congress

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Buffalo Bill presents, in France, the most daring horsemen of the world.In 1905 Buffalo Bill Cody took his Wild West Show to France, playing the entire season there, opening in Paris on April 2 and closing in Marseille on November 12. ""Since the Wild West was thought an educational exhibition by its promoters, no opportunity was lost to so educate the public on the many aspects of the pageant. An 1899 courier explained what was meant by the 'Rough' in the title congress of Rough Riders of the World. These horsemen are called 'Rough' . to distinguish them from circus and school riders, both of which classes they immeasurably excel, in the saddle or bareback, in grace, equipoise, management and dash. They are not merely show riders, but eminently sure, practical and fearless equestrians, under either the roughest or smoothest conditions. Each member of every division representing some distinct nationality is an unsurpassable exemplar of the peculiar style of equitation of the country from which he hails . . . Used as a transitive verb, the term 'Rough' is appropriately applicable to the troopers appearing by special permission from various governments in Buffalo Bill's Wild West, as it is defined, to break in, as a horse, especially for military purposes"" (Buffalo Bill, p. 7).

SKU: (0000-0539)

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