by Achille Mauzan
Bertozzi Parmagian Chesse
Bertozzi Parmagian Chesseby Achille Mauzan SKU: (0000-0431)

Bertozzi Parmagian Chesse

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Artist: Achille Mauzan

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Mauzan goes for a touch of the grotesque in publicizing Bertozzi cheese, but does it with such chutzpah that the overall effect is pleasing. And with three judges putting their olfactory reputations on the line, it can be safely assumed that although justice may be blind, it is quite keen in the other senses. Mauzan produced well over 2,000 posters during the course of his long, prodigious career. Born in France, Mauzan would begin his life as an illustrator in Italy in 1909, working for Ricordi and other topnotch printing firms. He remained there until 1927, when he and his wife were invited to Buenos Aires. There he continued a frantic pace of poster production until 1933, when the Mauzans returned to France, where he would continue his work for the rest of his days. His boundless imagination is a landscape of ingenious concepts and incongruous associations working in harmony. He lays on color freely, but what marks his designs as unique is his sense of humor, by turns witty, grotesque, mad, pungent, charming and openly affectionate.

SKU: (0000-0431)

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