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by Theophile-Alexandre Steinlen
Exposition des Artistes Animaliers
Enlarge Exposition des Artistes Animaliersby Theophile-Alexandre Steinlen SKU: (0000-0359)

Exposition des Artistes Animaliers

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Artist: Theophile-Alexandre Steinlen

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Steinlen cat poster.That cats figure prominently in Steinlens posters is well-illustrated by the images in this section. Here, for the 1909 exhibition of artists who portray animals, , held at the Cercle International des Arts, he gives us a lone cat that's one of his best. The cat is drawn very much in the manner of the cat on the pink pillow in the lithograph usually called The Winter Cat (as opposed to its companion piece, The Summer Cat or Cat on Balustrade); in fact, except for slight changes in the lines, the addition of darker outlines in the body and the elimination of detail shadings in the pillow which is darker than that of the lithograph, it is the same cat and the same setting. By filling almost the entire sheet with the body of the cat, from far bottom to far top of the paper edges, he gives a larger-than-life feel to this small placard. It would appear that this poster came before the Winter Cat lithograph (Crauzat, 293). Rare.

SKU: (0000-0359)

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