by Toulouse Lautrec
Divan Japonais
Divan Japonaisby Toulouse Lautrec SKU: (0000-0348)

Divan Japonais

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Artist: Toulouse Lautrec

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The small cabaret derived its name from its d,cor of Japanese lanterns and fake bamboo; but Toulouse-Lautrec doesn't bother with any of that, creating instead an intimate scene with some of his favorite subjects. The self-possessed woman is the cancan dancer Jane Avril, whom he portrayed several times (see No. 465); the gentleman with amorous intentions is literary and music critic Edouard Dujardin. The ignored performer, whose head is deliberately not shown so as not to distract us from the action in front, is Yvette Guilbert, another frequent subject Toulouse-Lautrecs, recognizable instantly from her trademark black gloves. And the string bass heads in the orchestra pit make their own phallic comment on the delectable tableau.

SKU: (0000-0348)

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