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Folies Bergere-Belle Otero
Folies Bergere-Belle OteroUnknown ArtistSKU: (0000-0346)

Folies Bergere-Belle Otero

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1898 Legendary Andalusian dancing beauty La Belle Otero.La Belle Otero--her never-used first name was Caroline--was a legendary beauty known for her romantic conquest of royals from the Prince of Wales to Czar Nicholas II. The image here--surprisingly similar to the one Pal created for Lole Fuller in 1897--shows us the Andalusian beauty in the glow of the footlights as if we are getting a peek at her from backstage. Inimitable, however, was the way her movements seemed to spangle in the light. As Colette put it, When she finishes dancing, the stage shines as if a crystal chandelier has been smashed to smithereens. It is most surprising that the usually mild-mannered reviewers of L Estampe et l Affiche gave the appearance of this design a scathing review: How could La Belle Otero accept such a horrible poster? On seeing her, we have no idea of her beauty. And the color of her dress is that of vomited wine!!! (1898, p. 92). We beg to differ.

SKU: (0000-0346)

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