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by Burkhard Mangold
Rullschuhbahn Roller Rink Zurich
Rullschuhbahn Roller Rink Zurichby Burkhard Mangold SKU: (0000-0333)

Rullschuhbahn Roller Rink Zurich

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Artist: Burkhard Mangold

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1910 Mosaic-like Painting of Skaters in a Roller RinkThe interesting way the colors are applied--like small splashes or mosaic tiles--distinguishes this design for a roller rink in Zurich. Mangold, born in Basel, spent seven years (1894-1900) in Munich where he received grounding in the principles of the popular Jugendsil movement. He became involved with every facet of decorative arts, and after returning to Switzerland in1900, he practiced many of them, including glass-blowing, woodcuts, illustration, painting and lithography. He produced some 150 posters, choosing his graphic style very carefully for each piece.

SKU: (0000-0333)

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